The ocean of games – under a critical eye

Welcome one and all to my blog, that is, if you even went through the trouble of reading this first specimen of a sentence. The online world of gaming and interactive media is as big as the ocean itself and as with these beaches of pure joy we run, or should I say, swim, into some lukewarm pools intermittently that have us, shell I say (badum tish!) stop and wonder, what the hell we just experienced.

My name in the online world is “NinjaClicks” and together with you I would like to set my Ninja Sights on some of the games that circle around our store fronts and delve into the concept pieces that might revolutionize or cripple this wonderful consumer driven shore that we call the gaming industry.

This of course is just a “Hi, this is me, this is what this is going to be” first post. With this blog I will, when I have a chance with my hustle bustle life reflect back on some of the games that I have played recently, give some criticism from my perspective as a casual, “got work tomorrow” gamer and have some good and bad experiences of the like.

So welcome to the wonderful gaming world through the eyes of a ninja, where passion for the art of gaming is on the front shelf, grab something sticky to eat and enjoy the ride.

P.s. My first piece on a game will probably drop within this week/weekend.


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