Faeria – 4.4 /5.0 Shurikens

Faeria – fairytale with a hexagonal twist

Faeria logo


To those expecting little red riding hood blowing some innocent pigs house down, or a sleeping dwarf awaiting her frog prince to wake her up from a deep slumber, this is no fairy tale of old, oh no, this is a battlefield with cards, mana and hexagons. littered by lands, creatures and fierce foes in the form of other human’esq life or that of the AI opponents. 

The title has been a roaring success in the beta scene and gained popularity, which lead to a stable player base and a well thought out strategic experience.

Let’s set our sights on this wonderful TCG game that really packs a punch, both in entertainment value as well as in the budget of your spared time.


From the onset of your first tutorial game, which you have to complete before cementing your account, you can already feel a sense of home. For the die-hard players of titles such as hearthstone or Magic the gathering, the card play looks and feels good. The game is highly responsive to your mouse cursor and I’ve yet to encounter any laggy or stuttering whilst playing the game, which in my books already gets a nice big fat green tick.

The key difference in this game however that sets it apart from the other TCG run-of-the-mill, “I made a card game mom”, is the hexagon map and striking aesthetic, which I will elaborate on more a bit later on. This map gives a whole new strategic element to the game and can be the basis of your deck mechanics in the land of Faeria.

At risk of sounding like a tutorial, here is a brief overview. You start with a few cards in your hand, which can contain a number of different creatures and spells, some of which are bound by color or types in the likes of green forests or red mountains to name but two. Every turn you gain Faeria an in game resource similar to mana in other games, which is used to play your cards. Sounds pretty straight forward until you get to the tricky part, you can only play creatures on lands in the hexagonal map, which you and your opponent have the pleasure to populate, you can either lay down two plains or one specialized land type, as before mentioned, such as forests or mountains in a round.

Some creatures and other cards require a minimum set of specialized lands on the map to be cast, so every turn you ask yourself some critical questions like, “Do I need to occupy more space on the map, or should I go for the forest I need to get out that bread and butter creature?” This makes Faeria feel fresh and enticing.

The game makes a key step in lowering the RNG exposure other card games offer by allowing you to draw a card or add a faeria to your pool instead of placing lands so you don’t find yourself in those dreaded situations where you have nothing left to play or something to play but not enough resources for it this turn. In every turn, you have without doubt, something you can do to help yourself, leaving you with a taste of satisfaction every round you play.

The solo content is well fleshed out with AI packs where you can face off against a variety of opponents, this also includes puzzles, like you find in those classic chess games where you have to win in one round, this just gives a welcome change of pace every now and then. Besides the solo and online battles it also features another game mode Pandora mode, where different dynamics comes into play, but I won’t spoil the mystery of the level 7 unlock for you.


This game looks and feels professional, it looks like a lot of love and effort was put into the creation of all of the aspects of the game. Bright colors, vivid animations and card art with a touch of class. Here is a screenshot:


I mean just look at that, what is there to look at that doesn’t please the eye? Sure there aren’t any massive detailed textures like in a AAA first person shooter game, but this isn’t that and for the genre that this game falls into it’s a pure pleasure to look at. Having good game play and some sweet eye candy, a definite Shuriken in the target tree in the ninja world.


The game features high quality sound that is for sure. It helps setting the ambient almost tangable atmosphere of this game. The sounds when clicking on anything is crisp and clear, whilst the background music just absolutely nails the feel of the game.

Beyond that, there’s not much else, the sound is good, listen for yourself you don’t need any more of my smoke where it’s not useful.

Fun factor / replay-ability

It doesn’t take a degree to see that this big bad wolf is having a whale of a time in this game. This is still however a game targeted at the audience of people that enjoy these types of games, if you aren’t into trading card games you more than likely will not enjoy this game.

This game is by far one on equal standing with titles like Hearthstone and promises more content and updates as time progresses. This is by all means an absolute pleasure to play. Worth its weight in replay-ability, whether you are burning through the solo content, climbing the ranks in online or just playing the casual game now and then, I highly recommend trying out this game, because in a plain sense it’s just fun.

However as I find with most of these games, it doesn’t do wonders in extended sessions if you aren’t chasing rank and I can’t see myself putting in sessions of hours on end. This might be a me problem, but with a price tag of free to play, it doesn’t phase me that much.


yes I know, ninja guy, your article is long winded and I can’t keep going. Well to that I say, just one more thing like all good adverts tell you, there’s in this case only one more thing and that is my final thought and scoring of the game. So take a deep breath rub your eyes and let’s dive into the last leg.

This game is a definite must to get and experience, even if you don’t like the genre just give it a round or two and appreciate the fresh angle it brings. I do enjoy the game, it is well put together, well thought out, it doesn’t feel unbalanced in any sense and offers a lot of hours of joy. With the added features and concepts this is a trend setter in this genre and I am excited to see what else this company has to offer in the near future and what Faeria will bring to us.

It is a free to play game where resources in game are abundant, but as with free games micro transactions are a thing and you could spend your hard earned bucks to grab some chests with cards.

My rating system is rudimentary and arbitrary at best, but there are five categories I set my sights on namely, game play, graphics,sound, fun factor/replay-ability and then my overall impression all worth a Shuriken or a part of a Shuriken (divided into 5 pieces each).

For the experience that Faeria has offered me in my time with the game I give it a solid 4.4 Shurikens in the target tree, where my only real critisicm against the game is the pay for cards or grind for them, not a major complaint, but one worth mentioning.

So there you go fellow ninjas, my sights was set and I was pleasantly surprised by this title, feel free to pick it up and I mean it is free, so really feel free. Available on Steam and the iStore and coming to android soon. For more information on the game and where to get it, go visit their site at http://www.faeria.com


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