Line of Sight – 3.3 /5.0 Shurikens



So I got some warpaint, painted my whole hand, smacked my face with it in a good old fashioned warpaint style tradition, downloaded and installed “Line of Sight” and booted it and myself up for some action on the virtual battlefield, which is a good thing, since I don’t think I would be able to survive very long in any battle type situation anyways.

So this time I set myself on line of sight a military style first person action shooter. Available for your system at a grand cost of free to play. So let’s get into it.


This game is a multiplayer online shooter that doesn’t have a single player mode. The reason why I am stating it explicitly is the fact that there aren’t any story elements or protagonists or pretty much anything else plot driven. It is a pure FPS title. It plays like all generic military type shooters closely resembling the play style of the popular series “Call of Duty”.

The action is fast-paced and at times chaotic, especially on the smaller maps in the game causing you to have a non-stop blast of action in your face. There are many reasons for the pace of the game. Your character movements are fast so you never feel like you are “walking” back to a point where the action is, respawn timers (if there are respawns in the game mode you are playing) are 5 seconds, so there is no waiting around to get back into the fray. The game also features super powers (yes, they call it that, it’s not me). You get a few options of support abilities and offensive abilities, ranging from teleportation over short distances to calling down satellites to crash into the enemy to kill them. Among others, there is fireballs and boosted speed running as well.

Where this game does it right however is the high customizable game options allowing you to play with these abilities or limit them to only supportive or offensive abilities and also classic modes where the powers are disabled completely. So if you are keen to play with these you can go right ahead, if you don’t, then you go right ahead and do that too. The game modes are also highly varied and you will recognize the plethora of game modes throughout, pretty much, all other FPS games you have ever played. If you want to do a team death match, search and destroy, capture the flag, free-for-all, fight zombies/monsters etc. The game has it all.

In the store page of the game the developers boast with high weapon customization. And I would concur that it indeed has an impressive range of different characters, guns and customization options. You could probably have a field day in the customization section for a good few minutes at a time, reading what the additions to your weapon does and how it will influence your game style with particular weapons. For instance, a big scope on your weapon makes your magnification with the weapon better, but, because of it’s size and weight, switching between weapons will take you longer.

wep cust

So yes, I did say free-to-play, now where do they make their money from? Well that’s easy, the game has two sets of currency, an in game currency and our beloved gems that we have seen a million times. So don’t feel like playing out matches to get the next addition to your weapon? Just pull out the trusty credit card, grab some gems and buy what you need. There are also a whole range of cosmetic things you can, obviously, only buy with the premium currency of your hard earned cold cash. However there are daily rewards and such that allow you to slowly gain gems, so with patience and a lot of gameplay you can also get what the paying players get.

In this game you “rent” weapons for certain amounts of time and they have a free rotation every week. You can unlock it permanently, with in game currency for a very steep price, or you guessed it, gems. The question in my mind when booting up a game like this is the age old question, does a player that cannot invest in a monetary contribution, compete with someone that drops some cash in the game? The answer is, well, should I say my answer is, not debilitating so.

Main menu

When you first start out you get enough in game currency to choose a weapon and decently customize it. While someone that paid will get the same thing. Maybe a difference in the loadouts in terms of number of viable weapons, other than that, I don’t see it as pay to win and I haven’t experienced it as such either.


The graphics are surprisingly actually pretty damn good for a free title. The game runs smooth without any issues on high graphics (which is the maximum) even on my toaster system. I feel the menu’s are a little bit wacky, but that is a me problem and I’m sure a lot of other people will enjoy how it looks and works.

Gameplay 2
All-in-all not a bad looking game.


The game features solid sound quality. When you first get into the game and land on the main menu you are hit with a very nice music piece that really gets you amped up for what lies ahead. The gun and explosion sounds really pack a good wallop as well and I am glad that it does. Since FPS games with sub-par sound just directly interferes with the experience and this game does not have that pitfall.
I was thinking if I should write about the announcer, until I played a few hours again. The announcer for when you get kills and kill streaks, really just puts extra weight behind the satisfaction of getting a kill, a head shot or a streak of kills.

Fun Factor / replayability

The game is fun. Well that sounds enthusiastic, doesn’t it? The truth is the game is fun, the gun play is good, they recently fixed hit box and hit registration issues and the fast paced action really has some appeal to play. With a lot of game modes and a range of maps will keep you in the game for a good few hours.

It is however in the rut of all current military shooters. They are generic. While being fun and fast paced with some super powers attached, it doesn’t break out of the so called “norm” of FPS games currently. So while you will have fun with the game, I can’t guarantee that it will keep you in the game for 50+ hours of gameplay. Well at least not for yours truly.

GamePlay 1

So it is definitely a good experience and it is fun to play, but I believe that this might just be over shadowed by games that I will play over the next few months and start to gather dust until I uninstall it. It really has the potential to be a rocking title, but something feels, well, missing. What it is? I couldn’t know.


So what can I tell you, it’s a good FPS game with a free price tag, well worth checking out. The fast paced action and many game modes and maps will definitely keep you entertained for a while.

If you are feeling like taking a break from one of the other multiplayer FPS games I would recommend taking a shot at this game. So for the scoring, 0.3 for gameplay, 0.4 for graphics, 1 for sound, 0.3 for fun and replayability and then lastly a 0.3 for my own impressions of the game.

There you have it, I hope you enjoyed this article and I will see you for the next title that I set my sights on! Have fun and game on.


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