This is a rant…about customer support.

So a game has 9 million players with a buzzing game that reverberates off of everybody’s tongues with praise.Naturally you get excited and want to join in on the experience, so you pull some friends by the ears and get them to download the game as well.
Now with people like me in the unfortunate situation where internet costs are expensive and on top of that, pretty slow in general it takes a few days
for the game to actually download all the files required. The day dawns, where you know that as soon as you get home from your busy work day that you will
have a taste of the game you have been patiently waiting for.

You get home, throw around keys as you move at the pace of a bullet train to check if the game has indeed finished. To your delight it has, you smash the play button,
pound in your credentials (if so required) get into the game launcher and suddenly a sinking feeling drops through your stomach as the launcher just hangs there, not doing anything.

This has been my experience with the latest game that I wanted to play for a review and it awakened a gripe that I have with the industry and more targeted at the bigger studios out there.I have spent literal days downloading the game “Paladins” via the steam platform, only to have it, well, not work, at all. In most cases like these someone that is in a similar pair of shoes tries to figure out why the game isn’t working.

I tirelessly scoured for solutions to the issue and as per usual there are some other folks having the same issues. Threads and threads go by as
the hands on the clock face keep moving at a steady pace. Following guides, trying my own solutions, re-installing services and drivers, making sure that my system is not the problem, but alas.

The back and forth trying from my side to resolve the issue I am having consumed 5 hours of my time already and in honesty I don’t even know why I am even this invested in writing about it, especially now.The thing that leaves me with the taste of pure fermented urine in my mouth is not the fact that I have been trying to make the Titanic float again from my side, the thing that really gets me riled up good and
proper is the fact that I sent a detailed support ticket to the support team of the studio. Outlining exactly what I did, what I have tried to do in an outcry for help.

I was met with a response with a few steps, steps that I have already explicitly stated I have tried. Luckily they included a download to a patch fixer. So I downloaded it, again taking time, in high hopes that this will get me up and running.
It didn’t work, the second part of the email is the support team requesting a whole fistful of documentation regarding my machine, my directX logs, screenshots and the like. So with absolute no joy I jumped through those hoops
and sent them the documents as requested.

It has been 2, going on 3 days now that I have been waiting since I sent them the documents they require. I still haven’t heard back from them. I understand that the first email was probably and in most cases an auto generated email sending you a reply. I honestly understand why they do that, I can’t imagine being on the other side of possible millions of support tickets with an easy fix that has been recommended to a lot of people and actually worked.
My particular issue comes in with where I actually extend the support ticket to say that I have followed the steps, I have tried and it is still not working. This is seemingly being ignored completely.

Chances are that this isn’t the case at all, but it sure as hell feels like it, I am on the other end of a shit-stick trying to get your product to work, a product, which you take pride in.
The fact that the responses are generic, there is no replies to the support tickets or anything of the like when you actually escalate past the automated bullshit, really drives a message home to me that you have millions of players with no issues, so why worry about a little old me.

And that is a really bad message to receive, when in actual fact, you have been trying your best to get it to work.
The only real reason I am able to write this here and not on the walls of some developer studio is, because it is a free title, so I haven’t lost money, if I did, this would be a completely different article.
The thing is, they lost potential income, potential word of mouth for the people around me that also enjoys playing games. They actually lost a potential fan.

Will I try to get it to launch again? I gave myself a time limit of one hour if the support team responds to me within this week. If not, then no, I am a working individual, a married individual. I only have so much time to dedicate to hobbies and the like and I’m sure as hell not going to spend the precious time I have trying to fix something, where no one gives a fuck about it except me.

So what do I want to say? Spewing venom doesn’t help anyone. If you are a developer or a studio or a company or whatever. For the love of gaming, please have a decent support system for the percentage of people that does experience problems. Don’t put people in the shoes where you wouldn’t want to be in. Even if I received a reply saying “Hey, sorry about your issue, we’re looking at it”, it would have improved the experience to no limit with the situation.

Show that you care on some level, free-to-play or paid, make time for the people that makes time for your product. Yes people with issues are in the minority in most cases, but if you have ever been in a bad spot in any industry, in any situation,  you know that if someone that cares tries to help you it could really change a negative into a massive positive.

And that is all I have to say about that. A new gaming review will be coming up soon, so stick around for that.
I hope you enjoyed this article and as always have fun and game on.


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  1. Yeah, it’s a crappy situation. Its not that they dont’t care. These people spent copious amount of time and resources to make this thing and get it out there. Hell, nobody cares more than they do. But yes, the message being sent out when this happens is not a good one. Especially when the issue you are having is not an issolated one from the look of things.

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