JackBox Party Pack – 4.2 / 5.0 Shurikens


I’ve been sitting on this game for quite some time now and with my friends rocking up over the weekend I pulled it out of the library, booted it up and off we went. Honestly they should call it “laugh your head off with friends pack”, since that more accurately describes what this suite of games has to offer you during a good games night with your friends, or family, or pretty much anyone with a mobile device that can see your display.
Coming at you with a price tag of $24.99 or your regional equivalent, let’s jump into it.


The game consists of games inside of games, kind of like a games burrito wrapped in a game taco shell inside of a games batter and deep fried within pure tear jerking fun. The suite, or at least the first one consists out of 5 couch co-op games that will have your belly hurting with laughter. These games in no particular order: Lie swatter, Fibbage, Word Spud, Drawful and “You don’t know jack”. Each one of these party games have completely different premises to each other and each has their own charm and merit.
The thing that makes the party pack so unique is the fact that everyone in the room can play along with their mobile devices. As long as you have internet connectivity and some sort of browser on your device you can jump right into the action. You start by choosing the game that you and your comrades want to play. You then land on a lobby page, where it instructs you to got the the Jackbox website where you can enter your display name as well as the displayed room code for the current session you are hosting. Once everybody is in, you press the button on your device and off you go. From trivia, to drawing, your device becomes the controller and with ease of use, no one ends up with any technical difficulties. I’m pretty sure that my grandmother could figure out how to join one of these games without any troubles at all.
The games that you play is full of uncanny questions, straight forward trivia asked in weird and wonderful ways, to stun, daze and amaze. How would you draw “Yes officer that is the man that robbed me”? Yes, the odd things that the crew and I had to draw this weekend still stuck with us as conversation pieces well after going into our separate ways. The thing is, the drawings in Drawful almost never come out as intended. With time ticking by as your fingers try to make sense of the subject, things turn out hilarious. The same goes with Fibbage where a statement is provided with a blank space, each player contributes to a possible answer and at the end you have to find the true answer among all of the fibs your friends put into the pool. The things people put into the blank spaces are absolutely absurd and funny. Where in lie swatter they pose facts in different categories, ranging over a massive range, in which you have to decide whether the statement displayed is true or false. What would your answer be to “a tooth has been used in successful eye surgeries”? well, if you said true, then you are correct, turns out it has been used.
lie swatter
Those examples has only touched the surface of the depth and pure crazy fun this pack provides. I could also see the potential of this pack for streamers to interact with their viewers in an interactive fun manner. Games like lie swatter supports up to a 100 players. So why not have some good fun with your viewers this way. I know in the other packs they have games that support even more players than that.
This is a definite must if you are into games nights and couch co-op games.


The graphics are charming, well executed and serves its purpose perfectly. With high quality cartoon flies to the way drawings pop up after you drew them. The thing about the graphics that I enjoy is that I would recognize one of the Jackbox games immediately, they look like Jackbox. This is always a bonus for me when it comes to graphics.
word spud
The game also scales well to a multitude of resolutions on the screen and I haven’t had any issues, whether I have my laptop plugged into our TV, or running at local resolution. The game always delivers a good feel. One of the other things I should mention is, because the game doesn’t feature hardware intensive scenery, you can get away with a pretty low end computer as well.
Remember to always check the specs, before purchasing any game, anywhere, ever.


Ah, the sound. The sound in each game is of an extreme high quality, from the voice over dialogue of Cookie Masterson and his buddies to the sound effects of the actual game. Weird and wonderful noises all over the place, with almost any interaction. The best part is it helps keep you engaged in the game while playing it.
The sound creates an absolutely lovely atmosphere for the weird and wacky adventures you will be making for yourself.
Don’t believe me? Check out a video or better yet just purchase and experience what sound can do in a game when used right.

Fun Factor/ Replayability

If you haven’t picked it up yet, then yes, this game is fun. Almost too fun. Every time you boot up the Jackbox it just unravels to be one of the most fun experiences that I have had with my friends and family. The amounts of laughter that the games contained in the pack is anything to go by then I would be able to power a city alone in the world of Monsters Inc.
So with it being fun out of the way. Is it replayable over-and-over again? Well, yes and no. Since the ridiculous playtime I have had with my copy and those of my friends it has the tendency to repeat things that you have seen before. Especially if you find a particular game you have liking to and marathon it to death.
This of course happens only after quite a few sessions and quite a bit of hours into the game. So we have learned to keep switching the games up every so often. Since you won’t be playing this solo (unless you want to spoil the fun of “You don’t know jack) by yourself, this will be your go-to source at gatherings, meaning that you won’t have a day-by-day wear into the game’s content. So it will last you quite a while, depending on how social you are.


I’ve had a blast with this, I’m going to have blasts with this. It is absolutely worth every cent you put into buying these games. I will with no doubt in my mind be getting the 2nd and 3rd editions of the party pack, which features more games as well as new versions of old favorites.
I absolutely recommend these games to anyone that is looking for a social game and lots of laughs. Also I personally think it would be a great tool for streamers to have fun with their viewers. Since it uses devices with internet to use as controllers it is a pretty safe bet to carry this to any of your social gatherings and have a good time with it.
As I have previously mentioned the only catch to it is if you really start to pull massive amounts of hours out of it and start to recognize the questions and so forth. Luckily with plenty more installments of the series there are many, many more hours of entertainment and sheer joy that I can experience with my friends and family.
Let’s get down to ratings, so for this title I scored it as such: Gameplay 1, graphics 0.4, sound 1, fun and replayability 0.4 and my personal impressions 0.4 leaving us with a total score of 4.2 out of 5.0 Shurikens.
You can get your copy on Steam or hit them up at their website: http://jackboxgames.com/
Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article.
Until the next game I set my sights on! Have fun and Game on!

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