OH…SIR! 3.2/5.0 Shurikens

Let’s get savage!


Have you ever just wanted to point your finger and shout absurd insults at someone that has taken your seat on the train? Someone that refuses to give you their kidney, because they need it to drink some more, when you are in dire need?

Well have no fear fellow ninja’s, there is a game where you can quench your thirst for some verbal abuse. OH…SIR! The insult simulator is there for this very need. Coming at you with a price tag of $1.99 or your regional equivalent.

Let’s hop into it.


First off you can choose how you would like to play the game, with both single player and multiplayer capability. The game itself is simple by design. You get a range of playable characters, each with their own set of vocabulary and weaknesses. When you have made your selection of the quirky characters that you would like to play you get right into the verbal match against your opponent, or set there of.

character select

There is a short introduction in every arena that clarifies the reason as to why you have been caught up in a standoff that requires verbal cunning and cruelness. For instance you might have received a dead parrot from the pet shop and the owner thereof refuses to reimburse you for the purchase that you have made. In the middle of the screen you get a set of random words. In turns each player selects words or phrases from the board in the middle in an effort to craft that particularly spicy insult.

Each word you pick builds up your final sentence. After both players have selected their words and phrases, they then get the front row seats of how their characters spew the words that has been strung together. Each player has a life bar and every insult lowers a player’s hit points. So in this game, words are indeed used as weapons. You must use caution when you are constructing your insult though. If you don’t use correct grammar or words that makes sense in the sentence then you will fumble and lose some of your golden hit points.

Insult 1

The insults get trickier as the turns progress since the words taken off of the middle board does not appear until the next round begins. This means that you have to take into consideration your own character’s weaknesses and try remove them from the board before your opponent uses them. You could also strive to take away words that help with the continuation of a sentence such as the word “and”, and use it for yourself to extend your glorious insults.

The thing that makes this title so much fun is the words that they give you to use. Sure there are words that you would use in your vocabulary on a daily basis, but there are also some more wacky words and the variety increases with each use of a character. Serious Sam doesn’t use the same words than, let’s say H.P Lovecraft for instance. Yes, those are actually playable characters in this game.

Hp lolcraft

As you progress you will unlock a variety of arenas and playable characters by means of the single player content that is in the game. This content could keep you busy for a few hours of entertainment alone and it is an absolute blast with a friend or adversary.

So in essence, stay away from your weaknesses, choose the right words and spew absolute panic inducing, embarrassing and painful insults.


The game has a unique art style, which is very pleasing and serves the game very well. It helps set the mood of the tongue-in-cheek insults that can be made and it has some very memorable character models and animations.

The arenas are well drawn with just enough detail so that I can’t call it lazy. It is simplistic, but very well suits the game.


The sound and the voice overs are without a doubt a key factor in hooking you to certain characters. From their accents to the pronunciation of the words that they speak. In music terms the game really doesn’t have a lot to offer, but it doesn’t really harm the game or the experience of the game in any sense of the word.

The over the top voice acting is essentially what makes this game. If it wasn’t for the voice overs, then this game would have been quite bland and forgettable. Can sound have an impact like that on a game? For me it sure can and in this case it sure has.

Fun factor/ Replayability

This game is mad fun to play for a few hours and will tickle your fancy for a while. The issue with this game isn’t that it isn’t fun. The main pitfall of the game sits in its replayability. Once you have burned through all of the solo content, unlocked all the arenas and characters, seen all of the words in pretty much all of the ways you could see it, then it falls off and it falls off hard.

insult 2

The developers have been keeping the game updated with new character releases that has me going back to see how they spit their particular brand of sassy, but other than that I don’t really play that often.


This game is a fun game, a game that will leave you with a smirk on your face and an uncanny feeling of satisfaction after you have absolutely destroyed your opponent in this insult simulator game.

Although it lacks in the ability to keep you entertained of copious amounts of hours it has served me well in the past and it stays installed and updated on my system. You never know when I will need to settle the, who buys pizza on Friday debacle. It is a fun game and I would recommend anyone that wants something small to play every now and then to give it a go. It is quite the hoot.

So for scoring:

Gameplay – 0.3

Graphics – 0.3

Sound – 0.4

Fun / replayability – 0.2

Personal impression – 0.4

Total score of: 3.2 Shurikens for the game.

I hope that you have enjoyed this article. Until I set my sights on the next title, as always have fun and game on.


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