5 Creepy Game Glitches

Most of the times glitches in games are quite the funny occurrence. They might even frustrate you, but have you ever been frightened? These game glitches might just make your skin crawl! Come along as I look at 5 creepy game glitches.

#5 Sherlock Holmes Nemesis

This game has an interesting glitch, Watson. Turning into something that acts more like the Slender man than a detective this glitch might just freak you out a bit. The developers allowed you to switch between Sherlock and Watson and as a result didn’t bother with any walking animations.

The pair needs to be together for most of the game and as such teleportation was deemed the easiest and most convenient option to go for. Since release this glitch hasn’t been fixed and the developers don’t seem interested in doing so. So we are stuck with the creepy motionless character that keeps stalking you while staring holes into our very souls.

#4 Red Dead Redemption

Red dead redemption is full of animals on the vast landscapes in the game, but did you know there were “MANimals” as well? Yup, a glitch in the game sometimes spawns human models instead of the actual animal.

These “manimals” bodies contort and bend in ways that should only be found in horror films. While their bodies pull completely out of proportion, they still work, as animals. The crazed demon looking person chasing you down while grunting is probably a human model with a wild boar’s AI. They come in many shapes and animals including, but not limited to snakemen, boarmen, birdmen and much more. There is just something unsettling by seeing a flying human just flapping away while the breeze whispers a message of impending doom.

#3 Dead Space 2

You are already in a tense environment in this title as is. Who would’ve thought that a game glitch could make the experience even more terrifying? Well, some people have found when they entered an armor upgrade station that’s scattered around the world that they would emerge as a dismembered, bloody, floating torso.

Sometimes missing a leg, or two you are sent back into the fray with your armored helm, which now eerily floats above what’s left of your character. This glitch has been somewhat sought after from fans of the game for some or other reason. The cause? It’s not really known and the only way to get you back in shape is to load from your previous save point.

#2 Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi or should I say green Mario could not possibly unsettle you, right? Wrong. In Luigi’s mansion you get to an area, which suddenly lights up and what you see might just make you gasp. When Luigi’s shadow is cast against the wall due to the light, it’s half way up the wall in a pose that resembles a hanging man. With arms by his side and his head slightly tilted up.

This has lead to theories that Luigi’s mansion is more of a Dante’s inferno than it is a Luigi game. People theorized that the whole mansion is a hellish realm and the only way for our protagonist to escape is through rescuing the other souls trapped. What do the developers say? Well, in short. Oops! It was merely an oversight from the team and they only saw it after the game released.

#1 Fallout: New Vegas

In a world where it is hard enough to survive as is and with horrid looking entities already around every corner, you don’t need any more grotesque figures around, do you? This glitch begs to differ.

The glitch appears when you save and reload your game in quick succession. The body of the thing you killed lays on the ground, but their insides hang around in the position it was in before you pumped them full of lead. What you are seeing is the “gibs” or giblets that would go flying all over the place in spectacular fashion all packed neatly into a space where the body once was. In an even creepier twist there are instances where if you could interact with the NPC before they died, that you would also be able to interact with its glitchy guts. Not a nice surprise to get when you are already on the fringe!

Have you ever experienced a creepy or unsettling glitch in a game that you were playing? I’d love to hear about them! Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, sharing and as always have fun and game on!


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