Story Scroll – Ruby Cube

A hearty hello to you fellow ninjas! Sometimes in life we get to experience different things from different people. We also get to be a part of their journey towards their goals and hear the dreams and aspirations. On a certain level we get to see the heartbeat of the people that we interact with.

So I introduce a new section of the ninja world, the story scrolls. Here I will share stories and experiences that I have encountered or heard about that I feel is worth sharing to all you lovely people! Without any further ramblings, hold on to your Kunai and journey with me into the story of Ruby Cube!

Ruby what?

Ruby Cube, this is a craft shop opening up its doors on the 1st of June in my area. The shop will sell products from a wide range of artists and crafters from all around the area. These items range from jewelry to place-mats and pretty much anything you can think of between those ranges.

The thing that makes most of us sigh when we think of homemade and artisan crafts is the expense that is attached to the price tags. I am glad to say that the price tags on the items as far as I can see from the planning phases are far from extortionate and benefits both the new shop owner as well as all of the contributors. Bringing you the beauty at a price that helps everyone to make a living doing what they love.

Where it began.

The owner of the shop used to work at a 9-5 and after a while things got sour in the work environment. It was getting so bad that her only real choice to save her sanity was to close that chapter in the book. So she resigned. Luckily she had a hobby and in all honesty, one that she is damn good at. Creating jewelry from beads, charms, precious metals and pretty much anything she can find.

Instead of trying her odds in another corporate environment she took her hobby and started her brand Beads and Butterflies and started to sell her products anywhere and everywhere she could. The brand started to make waves, not without countless hours at markets in the sun, late nights creating the pieces and extended conversations with shops where she could possibly sell her items. Blood, sweat, tears and many of an hour later she could slowly start to see her passion pay off.

Like with everything this took time and while busting her ass to keep the dream alive she finally found a shop location near her home that she could rent that didn’t require any sale of organs to cover the costs. This is where the cloud castle got its physical foundation. After, what you could label abuse at a job she finally has a future that she wants in her hands.

Where is it going?

The sky’s the limit! The shop has been painted, payed and is busy with stocking up for the opening date. With hopes up high and a fair share of stress I am sure that she will make her dream come true. It’s not going to be easy, but the good things never are.

How can I help?

It doesn’t matter if you are a million miles away you can show your support by liking the new Facebook pageĀ Ruby Cube – Gift Shop! The Twitter account will be launching soon and I will update this article with the details as soon as it goes up.

Who doesn’t like a story with a happy ending? Your like means a lot! If you have a story that you would like to share, let me know and I will grab the details from you. For now, thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing! And as always have fun and game on!


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