Punch Club – 1.3 / 5.0 Shurikens

Ugh, bars, bars everywhere! Let’s punch in!


In this game you play as a hotshot boxer. When you were little your father was brutally murdered and you are determined to get vengeance one punch at a time. You fight through multiple enemies to work your way up the ranks, both in official rings and in the underground scenes. Punching through humans, mutants, bears and alligators alike. Let’s take a journey through this little game.


In the game you have bars that you need to maintain, health, energy, food and mood meters. These go down as you play the game, when you get punched you lose health, when you do things you get hungry as well as lose some energy and when life just isn’t going your way, then your mood is impacted. As you move around town to get to places it consumes time, energy, food and possibly mood and you have to move around a lot.

Not only do you have these four bars to maintain to make sure that you can progress in the plot of the game you also have to make sure that you have money available to buy food, boosters and even gym equipment. How do you gain money? By doing a job of course, which in turn, burns time and your already tricky to manage meters.

game 2

On top of this, before I forget you have an additional 3 meters that you need to tend to. These in the form of strength, agility and stamina. These are the modifiers that you use in your fights and they play a vital role in your performance. The problem being that you have to keep them maintained and leveled up, because when a day passes those meters drop like a rock and you have to start building them up again. This is where the game gets extremely over bearing. You have 7 separate meters to maintain, while you have to develop the plot-line, do training, win or lose fights, battle crime around the city and do your job. Never mind the girlfriend you pick up later that needs constant attention in between.

Mix them all together and you have anything but a fun game, you get a tedious game. One that makes you fall into a routine harder than you already need to do in real life. The plot-line or should I say the potholes in this game is just as bad as the “gameplay” itself. Throwing badly executed references to other boxing titles in the form of movies. The game just seems to keep making story lines for different things and never follows through with any of the stories and I honestly wish I could spoil how stupid the ending of this game is. It creates plots, runs with them and then forgets about them completely without even a touch of afterthought. It is as sporadic as a drug user to be quite honest.

fight 2

To put the cherry on top, you don’t actually do any of the fighting. You choose the moves that you’v unlocked in your discipline and hope your character doesn’t execute them like a complete moron, giving you a sense of complete hopelessness when you are getting thrashed and you would’ve fought better manually.


Well the game doesn’t look that bad, the art is executed quite well and the scenery is cohesive with the tone and story of the game. The game runs smoothly without any issues even on my dated system and didn’t give me any visual headaches for my efforts in completing the game.



The soundtrack is quite catchy, although most of the effect noises are quite lacking. If anything the music is a redeeming factor of this game. Not much aside from that to say about the sound.

Fun factor / replayability

I will admit that at first I really enjoyed the game I was enjoying the thickening plot and I was getting used to the mechanics. As soon as you see that there are so many unresolved story lines and you get the mechanics down, then the game becomes nothing more than a grind fest to the end.


I honestly struggled to finish the game once, never mind trying to do it again, no chance. The only reason why I got through it once is, because I feel it is necessary for a reviewer to finish a game before allocating a score when the game is in a working state.


In short, no, don’t buy this game, go look at videos of it if you are curious or play it when you get it free, but I personally wouldn’t advise dropping a single cent on this game. This is a game where you play the meters and watch the fights, nothing short of atrocious.

So for the scoring:

  • Gameplay – 0.1
  • Graphics – 0.2
  • Sound – 0.3
  • Fun Factor / Replayability – 0.1
  • Personal Score – 01.

This leads us to a total of 1.3 Shurikens. Bad, bad, bad. In any case thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing! As always, have fun and game on!


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