Scoring System

NinjaClicks, your scoring system in nonsensical and convoluted. Well I can’t disagree so here is a quick breakdown.

My reviews are based on five categories consisting of and not in any particular order:

Gameplay; Graphics; Sound; Fun factor/replayability; own impression

Each of these categories are rated on a Shuriken system. Each Shuriken consists out of 5 blades to make a whole Shuriken. So for instance if I arbitrarily rate gameplay as a 1 it means that it has a full mark without any deductions.

By the same token if I rate the sound 0.3 of a Shuriken it means that I have once again arbitrarily deducted 2 blade pieces in the category.

So with the above in mind a 5/5 will be the obvious full marks with no deductions, where a 4.4 is the next best thing. Meaning that I only deducted one blade in a category somewhere.

This of course in time will also be represented in a more visual form, but I hope that this has given some clarity on the system that I use.



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